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I have worked with 3 Fates Media for several performances and promo shoots; Angel is a fantastic photographer, so skilled in capturing dynamic moments of action and excitement, and gives wonderful direction and input for photoshoots. Highly recommended.

Commander Q


3 Fates Media is one of the most professional photographers around. Angel is the nicest guy you will ever meet and always remembers everyone’s faces. Highly recommend!

Sinead Hedt

Angel was brilliant to work with. They are respectful, professional and connects extremely well with those they are shooting. It was a joy to work with someone who 'gets it'.

Imogen Victoria


I recently had new headshots done with 3 Fates Media and was delighted with the results. Angel sets up an environment where you feel completely at ease to play and be yourself in front of the camera. He listened to what I was after and took his time to make sure we got every shot I could possibly need and more. The editing process was swift and easy, too. Thanks Angel!

Emma Clair Ford


An absolute professional and one of the best in the biz. I have worked with 3 Fates Media for years and he always produces amazing work. Please book him if you can as you will not be disappointed.

Dawn Michelle Lindsay


Angel at 3 Fates Media is an absolute professional. Very respectful and kind, knowledgeable and well informed, and very responsive with great communication. Would definitely recommend.

Marcus Keily


The epitome of professional photographer. Always love working with Angel. The shoot itself is welcoming, positive and super fun. Angel is great at directing the model to get the best out of you and has incredible knowledge and experience to create the most stunning photos. Could not recommend enough!

Kathryn Michele

I’ve never felt more beautiful than working with 3 Fates Media. Angel made me feel comfortable in his presence. Safe in my own skin. As a trans woman, I had areas of concern around “passing”. It’s a struggle that a lot of us deal with. During my shoot, all my most feminine attributes were captured with glorious results. I would work with 3 Fates Media for every shoot if I could. Thank you Angel. You are truly an angel x

Kikki Temple


One of the best photographers out there. Whether you need headshots or live performance, Angel has such a great eye for detail you'll be amazed with the result. The turn around is always fast and he works incredibly hard to make sure each image you receive is of the highest quality.

Gemma Davies

I could not recommend highly enough. Angel at 3 fates not only produces the most stunning work I’ve ever received, but was also a complete dream to work with. As someone who gets anxiety over photo shoots, I was made to feel so at ease and now have a friend for life. There’s something about a photo when you can tell the photographer loves it just as much as you do, that kind of care is evident in the work produced. What an Angel

Tugboat Tiffy

Angel is a great photographer, a great artist, a great guy.

Terence O'Connell

I have had the privilege of being photographed, directed, produced and creatively advised by Angel Leggas for over 15 years. His talent, care, respect and enthusiasm for every artist he works with is what makes him one of the best in his field. I don't know of anyone who's ever given him a bad review.... cos he's just a great artist, technician and human!

Sally Bourne

3 Fates Media has captured some of the most wonderful, expressive moments of my burlesque career to date. I am always at ease with Angel and know that collaborations, on stage or in studio will produce more than photos, it’s creating art. I would highly recommend them.

Dallas Fox

An absolute privilege to shoot with Angel of 3 Fates Media, both in the studio and on stage. Angel is professional, takes the time to get to know you and your act and always gets the shot. From promo to live everything Angel shoots is incredible! Highly recommend.

Meagan Wilson

Angel is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is not only an amazing photographer and videographer but an absolutely wonderful person. He makes you feel welcome and comfortable, and is able to get the most out of you for the best possible results in the final product. Highly recommended.

Mikki Michelle

I won a studio session with 3 Fates Media in a competition. I was so nervous but I am so glad I went out of my comfort zone. I felt so comfortable, Ange Is incredibly professional, warm, with such a skilled eye to provide guidance to get your vision! Highly recommend

Grace West

Amazing experience and amazing results! Angel is professional & has great communication skills. He goes above to ensure the experience of shooting with him & the results you receive surpass expectations.

Nellie Noble

Always a pleasure to work with and always knows best when it comes to colour and lighting. Leave it to Angel, he’ll get your portrait absolutely perfect!

Gemma Sheree

Love his work!! Beautiful photos and an awesome bloke!!

Skye Starr

Ange of 3 Fates Media is a photography wizard. I have worked with him regularly over the past 7 years and have always been thrilled with his work. Ange has an incredible talent for capturing the atmosphere and experience of events in a way that feels effortless. Cannot recommend highly enough.
Harlow Carey

Had the BEST!! Experience, so professional and amazing to work with . . . highly recommend !
De La Vinx

I've had the pleasure of co-shooting a few ABF shows in Adelaide with Angel. He's so extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.

Corri Fett

Ange from 3 Fates Media takes an amazing array of photos and has exceptional skills with a camera. The best part is he is so friendly, respectful and kind, and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Would highly recommend him!

Magnolia Knife

"Friendly and professional, creates a comfortable environment for you to open to create"

Zya Luna

"Angel is a creative, kind, brave man who listens to what you want and then makes it happen"
Susan ann Walker

"5 Stars"

 Daniel Knaggs

"3 Fates is amazing, the best burley photographer in Melbourne xxx"

 Ophelia Black

"A perfect balance of creative and professionalism. Angel has exceptional photography and

video and I look forward to working with him again."

 Lolly Laura A'Bell

"Ange is so professional but still warm and makes you feel very comfortable to try

new things and get the best possible results"

 Ainslie Adams

"Amazing. Just amazing. Ange makes me feel so comfortable & really understands

what I want from the images. He's a wizard!"

 Merryn Chenoweth


"Absolutely incredible photography and service! Ange is a legend; kind, caring,

professional and talented. He makes you feel comfortable and always creates something

magnificent while ensuring you feel special. 10/10 and big love to Ange!"

 Kitty Obsidian

"5 Stars"

 Willow J Conway

"Incredible, flawless and professional photography : our company

rarely uses anyone else."

 Julia Madotti

"Absolute professional! One of the best live photographers I've ever hired and my god

the speed at which I get photos back each time is unbelievable. 100% recommend."

 Bella Dejac

"I had a photo shoot with Angel when I was in Melbourne. As I was not familiar with Melbourne, Angel recommended and arranged for a hair and makeup artist for the shoot who was amazing - she created

the looks I wanted and was lovely to work with. Angel, as well as taking incredible photos, really

listened and helped make my ideas a reality. He made me feel very comfortable on the day

and gave clear direction that really helped bring out the best in me. And the photos... well the

photos are amazing. I cannot recommend 3 Fates Media enough!"

 Elizabeth Arcoiris

"Super pro photographer, works with you to create great concepts and composition, immediate

viewing of images as you go, so encouraging and fun to work with! Also has his own home air-con studio!

 Ciara Thorburn

"5 Stars"

 Pixie Rachael

"Thanks so much for the workshop at Congress on the Undress... you really know your art.

Can’t wait till I have an opportunity to work with you one on one... "

 Natasha von Lash

"The best photographer in Melbourne - both product and production-wise.

Stunning images and fantastic to work with"

 Ali Davidson

"Hands down the best burlesque photography in Australia"

 Natalie Ristovska

"5 Stars"

 Charlie D. Barkle

"A true professional! Talented and genuine, Angel is the best photographer for

live shows and studio work in Melbourne"

Cassee Maliepaard

"Ange is terrific and captures action shots of all style performances beautifully"

 Gretchen Cherrypie

"Fantastic photos from ABF Angel!! Thank you!

 Bonita Monique Muntz

"5 Stars"

 Adam Locklier

"Such incredible and fast work!!!! A delight to be around and lightning fast process times!"

 Rachel Reid

"3 Fates are great. Angel was a pleasure to work with a great at his job as well as

chatting while taking the shots. Very quick replies and, as someone else said, it seems like he

never sleeps! Prompt, professional and well worth using for shots."

 Phillip Andrews

"5 Stars"

 Grace Cherry

"Had the pleasure of seeing 3 Fates Media work last night. Very friendly, respectful,

professional and fun! I have been seeing pictures rolling in and each one is perfect

and captures the moment perfectly"

 Saffire Grant

"Amazing photographer and always a pleasure to work with!"

 Zia Electric

"Highly recommended! Fantastic photos, videos and all round great professional and friendly service"

 Adriana Bonaccurso

"3 Fates Media really go above and beyond the call of duty! Director Angel is incredibly

easy to work with, with his can do attitude and professional yet warm approach. His live shots

are exceptional, and turnaround time is super fast. The ethos of the company, to support up

and coming talent, is important for our local artists to survive and thrive. With a range of services

covering any type of media need you may have, this really is a one stop shop. I cannot

recommend 3 Fates Media highly enough!"

 Jess MacLeish

"Angel IS an Angel! Can't fault the service of 3 Fates Media. Fantastic shots! Thank you, Ange!"

 Ailsa Atkinson

"Incredibly talented photographer with the ability to turn around sensational event snaps

in the blink of an eye! And a lovely person too x"

 Lucky Dip

"Amazing photographer - super awesome dude!!! The man that never sleeps"

 Aurora Kurth

"I had such a fantastic experience with Angel - he is kind, hospitable (made me multiple coffees!),

and allows a very generous amount of time for you to feel comfortable and get your perfect snaps.

I had a great afternoon/evening with him, the shoot itself was a wonderful experience and I love the photos.

My only complaint is that I have too many good shots to choose from as he is so talented.

HIGHLY recommend this guy!"

 Isabella Valette

"5 Stars"

 Anthony McGinty

"Ange instinctively knows how to make you feel comfortable and bring out

your inner sparkle in order to get sensational shots! I love working w Ange and

cannot recommend anyone more highly"

Laura McCulloch

"Brilliant photography and wonderful man!"

 Bettie Bombshell

"Incredible talent!!!"

 Elena Gabrielle

"5 Stars"

 Eithne Kelly

"Absolutely Amazing!"

 Elise 'Rufus' Kinchington

"Could not recommend Ange more! Had an amazing time and love the photos! He really

knows how to capture your essence!"

 Tash York

"Love! Very professional and just a darling x"

 Etoile Marley

"5 Stars"

 Sarina del Fuego


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